Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This week at Smith's...

Some nicely priced items I will be picking up at Smith's this week:

  • Extra lean ground beef in 2lb or more pkgs $1.79/pound

  • Boneless whole pork sirloin (sold in bag) $0.99/pound

  • Red seedless grapes $0.99/pound

  • Kroger value russet potatoes 10lb bag $0.79

  • Small avocados 4/$1

  • Medium yellow onions 4lbs/$1

  • Large dozen eggs $0.99

  • Kroger Orange Juice gallon $1.99

  • Kroger mandarin oranges 11oz cans 3/$1

  • Kroger tomato sauce 8oz 5/$1 (limit 25 per shopping order)

  • 8oz kraft cheese selected varieties 2/$3

  • Kroger cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese or dips selected varieties $0.88

  • Kroger 4lb bag of sugar $1.79

  • Country oven breads 24oz 4/$5

  • Keebler Graham Crackers 2lb box $2.99

  • 24 pack kroger water $1.99

These items are this price only when you mix/match in sets of ten, so count carefully. (You don't have to have ten of ONE item... you just have to have ten TOTAL.)

  • Carnation evaporated milk $0.49

  • 2 liter coke products (selected varieties) $0.79

  • Tombstone pizza $1.99

  • Quaker chewy granola bars or betty crocker fruit snacks selected varieties $1.49

  • Large size kellogs cereals or quaker instant oatmeal selected varieties $1.99

  • Yoplait yogurt multi-packs selected varieties $1.49

  • Buttery Spray or spreads selected varieties $0.99

  • Fritos corn chips or bean dip selected varieties $1.49

Prices good through Tuesday, November 10th!

(*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any misprints by the grocery store chains OR by me. Check your mailers to confirm prices, or go here to the Smiths website to look at your local AD's for yourself.)