Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smith's Marketplace on 90th & Redwood is having a RE-Grand Opening Sale. Here's a look at some of the good deals you can find there this week. (Some of these prices are ONLY good at this particular store, so be sure to check your local ad:
  • Extra Lean Ground Beef $1.89/pound
  • Roma Tomatoes $0.88/pound
  • Haas Ripe Avocados 3/$0.99
  • School Boy Apples $0.88/pound
  • Peeled Mini Carrots 16oz $0.89/each
  • Russet Potatoes 10lb bag $1.50
  • Kroger Frozen Orange Juice $0.99/each
  • Country Oven Breads $1.25/each
  • Revlon or Almay Cosmetics Buy One, Get One Free
  • Select Vitamins 50% off
  • Hot/Lean Pockets $1.78/each

If you buy a combination of ten of the following items you will get $5.00 off at the register, making them the unit price listed below. You MUST buy exactly TEN items in one transaction but they can be mix/match. (Check with your store to see how many multiples of ten they allow per transaction.)

  • Mountain Dairy Chocolate Milk Gallon or Kroger Orange Juice Gallon $2.00/each
  • 24 pack Arrowhead Water $2.99/each
  • Sobe Life Water or Propel $0.49/each
  • Kraft Salad Dressing 16oz $1.49/each
  • Dryers Ice Cream or Sara Lee Pies/Bites selected varieties $2.49/each
  • Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks $0.49/each
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars or Kellogg's Fruit Snacks $1.49/each
  • Post Cereal selected varieties $1.99/each
  • Nature Valley Granola, Chex or Fiber One Bars $1.99/each
  • Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8oz $0.99/each
  • Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies or Zesta Saltines $1.19/each
  • Nabisco or Sunshine Snack Crackers selected varieties $1.99/each
  • Kraft or Sargento Cheese 8oz bars or shredded $1.49/each
  • Tombstone Pizza $2.49/each
  • Goldfish Crackers $0.88/each
  • Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip $1.99/each
  • Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers $1.29/each
  • 2 liter Pepsi Products $0.50/each, selection varies

(*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any misprints by the grocery store chains OR by me. Check your mailers to confirm prices, or go here to the Smiths website to look at your local AD's for yourself.)

Staples 15% off Coupon...

Click HERE to get a coupon for 15% off your entire in-store purchase at Staples (excludes computers). Expires 1/30/10. :)

$1.50 off Vaseline Clinical Therapy...

Just click HERE for the coupon. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Expenditures...

One way to really make you realize how much you are spending on something is to figure out how much it is costing you yearly.

Lets say you spend $5 every work day at Starbucks... multiply that by 5 which makes $25 per week. Multiply that by 52 and you will see that you are spending approximately $1300 per year on Starbucks. (That is the cost of two big screen TVs!)

Do this with your little expenditures and then you can decide... IS IT STILL WORTH IT???

Friday, January 22, 2010

Michael's Special 4 hour Coupon Event in Utah Stores...

Michael's is having a special four hour event this weekend where they will give you an EXTRA 25% off your ENTIRE purchase... even sale items! (Obviously some restrictions apply, check the coupon for more info.) All over the US the coupon is good on Sunday Jan 24th from 4-8pm, but in UTAH, (and Paramus, NJ), they are making the event SATURDAY Jan 23rd from 4-8pm! I am way excited! Just click HERE for the 25% off coupon (as well as a 40% off coupon for any single non-sale item next week) and enjoy! :)

Bath & Body Works Coupons...

Right now the Bath & Body Works hand soaps are 5/$15 or 7/$20. Use THIS COUPON and you will get an extra one free! :) (Or just get a free soap with any $10 purchase!) Coupon is good through Feb 21st though the sale may not last that long. See coupon for additional information.

Don't want soap? Use THIS COUPON for a free signature collection travel size item up to $5 in value with any purchase at all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kohls Extra 15% off coupon... 3 Days Only...

Click HERE to get a 3-day shopping pass for Kohls that gives you an extra 15% off EVERYTHING when you shop January 22nd-24th 2010. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Bath & Body Works $10 Coupon...

Get $10 off a $40 purchase now through January 17th, 2010 at Bath & Body Works. Just click HERE to get the coupon , print and take it to your local store! (See coupon for additional information.) Enjoy. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Free 2010 Pillsbury Calendar...

Just click HERE and sign up for the Pillsbury E-Newsletter and they will send you a free 2010 calendar in six to eight weeks!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This week at Smiths...

Smith's is having a huge meat sale this week. You may want to stock up your freezer on some of these items!
  • Petite Cut Sirloin Steak Super Value Pack $1.99/pound
  • Rump Roast Boneless Beef Round $1.89/pound
  • Boneless Chuck Roast $1.89/pound
  • Boneless Cross Rib Roast $1.89/pound
  • Pork Loin or Rib Chops, Center Cut, Bone In, Super Value Pack $1.59/pound
  • Pork Loin Assorted Bone-In Blade and Sirloin Cut Chops $1.29/pound

They are also having a case lot sale... (some items have limits on how many cases you can buy at a time, so keep an eye out.) Here are a few things you could stock up on in your food storage at a good price (but you do have to buy the entire case to get this price):

  • Kroger Mandarin oranges (11oz cans) 24 count case $7.99 (3/$1)
  • Kroger peanut Butter (18oz creamy or crunchy) 12 count case $12.00 ($1 each)
  • Hunts Pasta Sauce 12 count case $9.39 ($0.79 each)
  • 2 liter Big K Soda Pop 8 count case $4.72 ($0.59 each)
  • Kidney, Pinto, Black or Chili Beans (15 oz cans) 24 count case $12.99 ($0.55 each)
  • 24 pack Kroger Water (16.9oz bottles) $2.50
  • Cream of mushroom, celery, broccoli or chicken soup 24 count case $11.99 (2/$1)
  • Kroger canned Vegetables selected varieties 24 count case $11.99 (2/$1)
  • Pillsbury Cake or Brownie Mix selected varieties MIX OR MATCH! 12 count case $10.80 ($0.90 each)
  • Kroger Mac & Cheese 48 Count Case $15.99 (3/$1)
  • Kroger Stewed or Diced Tomatoes 24 count case $11.99 (2/$1)
  • Kroger Tomato Sauce (8oz cans) 24 count case $5.99 (4/$1)
  • Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in water 48 count case $24.00 (2/$1)
Some other nicely priced items I will be picking up at Smith's this week:
  • Colgate Toothpaste or Toothbrushes selected varieties 4.6oz $1
  • V05 Shampoo or Conditioner 15oz $0.79
  • Mountain Dairy Milk, Chocolate Milk or Kroger Orange Juice (1 gallon) $2/each
  • Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt or Sherbet
  • Roma Tomatoes $0.99/pound
  • Bartlett or Anjou Pears $0.99/pound
  • Large Naval Oranges $0.79/pound
  • Texas Grapefruit $0.59/pound
  • Lemons $0.59/pound
  • Minneola Tangelos $0.99/pound

(*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any misprints by the grocery store chains OR by me. Check your mailers to confirm prices, or go here to the Smiths website to look at your local AD's for yourself.)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Iggy's Free Dessert Coupon...

If you or your hubby like to eat dinner while watching big screens showing current sports, give Iggy's Sports Grill a try for your next date night. They are pretty reasonable with sandwiches or burgers with fries and coleslaw, (and that heavenly hot bread with chili water), for $8-$10. (We can usually eat the two of us for under $20.)
Any time we go to Iggy's Sports Grill I make sure to check their website first, because they always have some kind of coupon on there... usually for a free dessert. Right now, you can click here to print a coupon for a free slice of Banana Cream Pie or their gourmet Bread Pudding when you purchase two entrees, sandwiches, salads, pizza's or pasta's. My hubby and I tried the Banana Cream Pie last time we went and it was absolutely heavenly... and did I mention it was FREE???

The coupons do change every now and then, so visit their home page before you head out. After all, there is nothing more romantic than sharing a (free) dessert at the end of your dinner date. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Introducing Frugalityville's Blog Frog Community...

Have you heard of Blog Frog? Do you have a Blog Frog account? Do you participate in Blog Frog Communities? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then I want to simply ask you WHY NOT??? Blog Frog's basic membership is free and gives you the ability to attach a social network, (known on Blog Frog as a Community), to your blog. In a community, you can interact with your readers and get to know each other better. You can have discussions, ask each other questions and share ideas.

It is for all these reasons that my good friend Brandie was able to talk me in to starting a Blog Frog Community for Frugalityville! (See her Blog Frog community HERE.) My hope for Frugalityville has always been that "eventually it will become more of a community for friends... where we can all share what we know, learn from each other and celebrate our frugal successes." (-From my "Introducing Frugalityville" post). I believe that starting a Blog Frog Community is going to help accomplish that goal!

So I want to invite all of you to come over and visit my new Blog Frog community by clicking HERE. If you don't already have a free Blog Frog account, you can create one by clicking in the upper right hand corner, and then if you like, please join my community and start participating in the discussions by clicking on "Forum"!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A BLOG to have and use a Blog Frog account, however, if you do have a blog, Blog Frog is a great way to find more blogs that interest you and bring more traffic to your own blog! I am looking forward to interacting with you guys and getting to know you better. :)

Who Wants To Be Happier?

I know this is not really to do with frugality, (although I have designated March as my month to personally truly focus on Saving), but I wanted to invite anyone and everyone to come join me on Gretchen Rubin's 2010 Happiness Project at my personal blog. If you haven't heard of the Happiness Project, you can read about it HERE, then choose your focus categories, set your January Goals and come join my first BLOG HOP of the New Year! Hope to get to know some of you better! :)