Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seasonal Activities...

Now is the time to look for free or very inexpensive things to do with the family over the holidays. Some ideas include:
  • Rent a movie from Red box for just $1, (just be sure to return it the next day)
  • Go to a sing-a-long, (Some churches or schools do them... keep an eye out for advertisements)
  • Get out board games you haven't played in forever
  • Drive around to see the lights in the neighborhood or at the temple, (there is a neighborhood that does "The Night Before Christmas" in Taylorsville, around 5400 South and 3200 West. If you haven't seen it, your kids will LOVE it... it is easy to find, it is COMPLETELY lit up!)
  • Bake inexpensive treats and take them to your neighbors to spread the joy.
  • Go caroling with friends around the neighborhood
  • Camp out in the living room with sleeping bags together
  • Have dinner on a blanket by your lit Christmas tree

What other things do you like to do around the Christmas Season that increase the size of your spirit but don't decrease the size of your wallet?


The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

You seriously must not be far from me, cuz you've talked about the WJ Sams, and now that T-ville neighborhood ... I love that place, we go every year!

We have a family "train" party - where instead of making gingerbread houses, we make holiday trains out of mini-candy bars, and a plethora of different candy. Guess that's not really about saving $ but sure is a fun activity that the kids look forward to each year. Then they give their trains away to someone to make them happy for the holidays!

R Clan said...

Go see the lights down Winder Lane and then pop in to get you some pretty inexpensive delicious tasting scones. :)