Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taste Test Proves It... Store Brands Can Make The Cut!

Rachael Ray's website put together a panel to taste test lots of ice cream treats from different grocery stores. As I read the results, I was ecstatic to see that a frugal treat that our family has enjoyed quite often actually made the cut.

For Best Cone:

"Great Value Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Flavored Ice Cream Cones

Tasters marveled at the “supercrispy” chocolate lined sugar cone and the “whipped, frenchvanillalike” ice cream hidden beneath a milk chocolate coating. Chopped peanuts add a salty crunch, and a bargain price sweetens the deal.

($3.97 for eight 4.3-ounce cones; $3.75 for ten 2.25-ounce cones, at Walmart stores)"

Check out the full story here:
Taste Test: The Best Ice Cream Treats - Every Day with Rachael Ray

But even more important, remember... generic brands or store brands can be as good as or sometimes EVEN BETTER than those pricey name brands!  Why not check some out for yourself! :)

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I love Great Value products!
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