Monday, August 30, 2010

Price Matching At Walmart Trial Run...

So I have price matched at Walmart before, but I have never done fruit and vegetables.  Last week there were some terrific sales at other stores on fruits and vegetables and so I thought I would give it a try.  I decided to start small.  I only used 2 ads and picked a couple of items from each ad to price match. 

Ranchos market had unbelievable deals on produce, so I from that Ad I chose the pineapple for $1.39/each, the strawberries for $0.99/carton and the tomatillos for 3lbs/$1.00.

From Macey's I price matched tomatoes on the vine for $0.89/pound and red peppers for $0.69 each.

The pineapples at Walmart were $2.99 so I saved over half on that.  The strawberries were $1.49 so I bought 2 of those and saved a third on each.  The tomatillos were $2.09/pound at Walmart compared to $0.33/pound at Ranchos market so that was an incredible savings.  Tomatoes were $1.99/pound for the vine ripe, so I saved over 50% on those and the red peppers were $1.99 each so I picked out two huge ones for less than half each.

The girl that checked me out, Alec, was awesome.  She appreciated that I had separated the produce from the other items that I was buying and put the items from each ad together so that I could show her the prices quickly.  (I separated the items in my cart before getting in line so that I could be as quick as possible.)  I was maybe 2 minutes longer than usual checking out and all in all it was a huge success!  Alec did tell me that the cashiers always appreciate organization when it comes to price matching and it's best to look for someone that is smiling to check you out.  I will be looking for her every time I go from now on. :)

A couple of things that I would suggest:
  • Circle the things you want to price match in the ad with a black permanent marker so that you can find them easily. 
  • Separate the items by ad BEFORE you get in line. 
  • Put the price match items at the end of your groceries, slightly separated, and let the cashier know ahead that you will be price matching those items.
  • Be ready to show them the ads quickly and know what you are looking for!
Remember, price matching can save you time traveling to lots of different stores to get good prices on groceries as well as money on gas! :)  Also, if you don't have a good cashier the first time, don't give up.  Try someone new next time until you find someone that is easy to work with.  Then stick with them when possible.


Higleys said...

I agree, and Target has also adopted Price matching so do it!

Hazel said...

I have seen people do this in the past but I have never tried it myself, and in fact always forget that they offer price matching. I am going to have to pay closer to attention to this as it could really help us save some dollars. Thank you for this informed article, truly helpful! I am a new follower!!


Denise said...

This is really great. I have thought about trying it but never done so. You've given me the push I needed.

Ruthanne said...

I have always been scared to price match produce. So thanks for being the first to do it for me so I can be a bit more brave the next go round.

Vic said...

i don't get along with these people:)