Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Tip: Grocery Store Savings Cards...

It may seem like common sense to most of you, but you would not believe how many people out there do NOT use grocery store savings cards.  The reasons vary from they think their identities are going to be stolen, they can't be bothered to fill out the application, they just don't want the grocery stores knowing what they are buying, they think the store is going to call and hassle them or they think they are filling out a credit card application!

Just so you know, you don't have to hand over your social security numbers or first born children to get a grocery store savings card.  They want very basic information like your address, email address and phone number.  This way they can send you coupons via snail mail and email too! 

Additionally, they most likely DO track what you buy at the grocery store, but this is usually so they can customize coupons that they send to you and see general buying trends in the market.  And really, who cares?  Let them know what I buy!  It's not going to change anything and it's not like anyone is going to send me a letter querying why I bought 100 boxes of cereal with only one gallon of milk.  On top of that, in the YEARS that I have had grocery savings cards, I have never ONCE been called or hassled by a store in any way.

The fact is that the grocery store cards can save you up to 70% on purchases without having to cut a coupon, so get out there and get one for every store you shop at.  Why on earth would you want to pay full price?

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Susan said...

Totally agree with you. I have been using my Safeway card for years and I'm sure I've saved hundreds of dollars each other.