Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Tip: Waste Not, Want Not...

How often have you thrown away things in your refrigerator or freezer simply because they have expired?  Try and incorporate the foods in your refrigerator in to your menu's and keep track of what you have left.

Got a tomato, half a cucumber and some onion?  Add some oil & vinegar to make a simple salad.  Got some lunch meat and cheese that needs using?  Chop it up and use it to top baked potatoes! 

If you end up with lots of bits and pieces, why not have an "DIY Lunch" on Saturday where you put all the stuff that needs using up quick out on the counter and let everyone create a buffet plate?

Insist that the old food is used up before new food gets opened.  Even better, don't go shopping till it's done!

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