Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Tip... Rebates...

Rebates take a little more time than coupons, because often they require that you make multiple purchases on grocery items within a specific time frame and collect receipts and UPC symbols. However, the payoff can be in the multiples of dollars often making your purchases free, or if you use coupons, sometimes you can end up getting paid to take the merchandise home!

Rebates can be found on all kinds of items including office supplies, electronics and kitchen appliances.  Some of them can now be done online which makes them even easier to complete!

Rebates are definitely worth the time, but you should do them immediately or chances are you will most likely forget!  If you do rebates frequently, put a little basket or container somewhere in your view where you can put the rebates/receipts as well as UPC symbols as you remove them from the packages. 

Make sure you read the qualifications carefully before you buy the items. Also, make a quick copy of any rebate forms and receipts that you mail in. If you do not receive your rebate within the expected time period, this is the only proof you will have to present to the company to get your rebate.

Rebates can be found in your coupon sections, on products themselves, on websites and listed in advertisements.  (These generally print at the register when you purchase the required items.)


Suzie said...

I keep each seperate rebate form/orffer in a clear paper holder (the kind for 3 ring binders) then put everyting I need for that rebate in it. When I mail it in I keep the copies there so I know the date I mailed it and can keep looking for it in the mail. (of course all held in a 3 ring binder with my coupons and such!)

*~Petra~* said...

Great idea Suzie! Thanks for sharing. :)