Friday, May 14, 2010

Free HP Photo Creative Software...

Want to make photo creations at home and print them on your own printer?  HP offers free software to get you started.  "With HP Photo Creations you can automatically make beautiful keepsakes with just a few mouse clicks; or you can take your time and customize your keepsakes with over 1,800 high quality artwork designs, 1,300 placeable graphics, placeable text boxes, custom fonts, borders, and dozens of photo editing tools."  (HP Website)

Choose between projects that you can print at home, or design and have them shipped to your home (this part isn't free of course!)  However, you can make photo books, scrapbook pages, prints & collages and photo cards all from the comfort of your own home with the ability to print right to your own printer! :)

Click HERE to find out more and get your free download!

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RocketLife said...

Thank you for the coverage. Note that for certain photo projects, the ship-to-home option may actually save money, as you don't have to buy paper or ink for your printer. (Of course, you don't get the instant gratification either!)

In some regions, you can even have photo projects shipped to your local store for pickup — and therefore get free shipping. The Meijer Kiosk at Home version of the software works that way for people who live near Meijer stores.

Happy photo-creating,

Developer of HP Photo Creations and Meijer Kiosk at Home