Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free Anti-Virus Software For Your Computer...

It surprises me how many people do not have any anti-virus running on their computer.  Now-a-days it is suicide to surf the web without some kind of anti-virus software running to help protect you from all those viruses out there!  Cost can be an issue as many anti-virus software companies charge big bucks for their software and then require you to purchase a subscription yearly to continue your coverage.  AVG has always believed that EVERYONE deserves basic security for their computer at no charge! 

I have been using this virus protection for years now and have never had an issue with it.  If you don't have any virus protection for your computer or if your subscription services ran out forever ago, AVG could be a good option for you.  Just click HERE if you want to download and install AVG Anti-Virus Free.

Remember, no anti-virus program is completely fail-safe.  Download and surf at your own risk.  Always practice safe surfing.


Butterflygirlms said...

Another great FREE antivirus software is Avast Home Edition.

*~Petra~* said...

Thanks for sharing Butterflygirlms! :)