Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At Your Service... about coupons!

One reader asked: "I have heard of people buying several papers on the same day to get multiple coupons, but I'm not sure why. Can you use two coupons on the same product?"

The main reason that people buy several papers on Sunday for multiple coupons is so that when there is a good buy on an item, they can buy several of that item at the cheap price. Generally you can not use two coupons on the same single item, (although some stores put out store coupons which they let you combine with manufacturer coupons occasionally), but you CAN buy MULTIPLES of that item and use a coupon for EACH ONE.

For example, if Captain Crunch is on sale for $1.50 a box and I have a $1 off coupon, I can get a box for 50c. If I have four coupons however, then I can get four boxes at 50c each. Expert couponers recommend that you get one paper with coupon inserts for each person in your household.

When you shop this way, it really helps you build your up your pantry as well as save tons of money. You will find that you slowly accumulate a plethora of food which means you don't have to buy items at full price because you can use the ones you got cheaply until they come on sale again! (Remember, sale items rotate... if you but enough of something to last you approx. 6-8 weeks, it should come on sale again before you run out... So if I eat pasta once a week and I buy 8 jars of sauce when it is on sale, I should have enough to last me until the next time it comes on sale.) It also means that you won't have to run out to the store because you don't have something! Additionally, this is a great way to build up food storage... especially if you buy a couple of extra sale items each week. :)

There are websites that do all the work for you and help you match the coupons with the weeks sales at your local grocery stores. Grocery Smarts is a good one, however not every state has this available yet and you have to know that passport number for your state. Here are a couple of passport numbers for states I know they service...

Utah: g84csg
Arizona: g85ro1
Southern California: g92ro1
Eastern Washington: g99ro1
Idaho: g83ro1
Let me know if you have any other questions about coupons! :)


Higleys said...

At my stores you can use 2 coupons for 2 items even when they are buy one get one free.

Smart Local Shoppers said...

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Denise said...

Thanks, Petra! Now I get it.

*~Petra~* said...

Kristen, excellent point! I have never been to a store where they don't let you do that! (Knock on wood.)

Denise, you are welcome! :)