Friday, October 16, 2009

Raincheck please...

How many times have you gone to a grocery store and they are out of the super sale item you wanted? Did you know that most stores will give you a rain check so you can buy it at the same price when they get it back in stock? You can also still use your coupons with that rain check, so don't forget to ask for one next time they are out of something you really wanted. :)

Grocery stores aren't the only places that will give you a rain check. I often have gotten a rain check from Target for super deals that I want that they sell out of quickly. Take for example my panini maker and my counter top griddle, both of which were on SUPER (over 50% off) sale before Christmas last year. They sold out quickly on the Sunday, (which I always miss out on because I don't shop on Sundays), but they gave me a rain check so I could buy it any time over the next few weeks.

Some stores won't give rain checks for certain items but a good rule of thumb is that if it doesn't say in the ad that they won't give rain checks, they usually will. IT CERTAINLY NEVER HURTS TO ASK! :)

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