Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This week at Smiths...

Have you looked at your Smiths Circular this week? Smiths is introducing "Fresh Values Rewards" where you get money back for every dollar you spend!

Take a look at your Smiths Card. If it doesn't say "Fresh Values Rewards Card", you need to upgrade so talk to a Smiths associate next time you are there. Every dollar spent earns you a point. Bonus points can also be earned by filling prescriptions, bringing your own bags and signing up for email bonus offers. 500 points gets you a $5.00 reward certificate with $1 extra for every other 100 points you earn. Rewards certificates are sent out every three months and the certificates spend just like cash at Smith's. Click here for additional information about the program.

This week at Smiths you can take advantage of their case lot sale while supplies last! The idea here is that you get a better price because you are buying a case instead of just one or two. (A good way to build up your food storage.) Here are some examples of this weeks potential savings:
  • Betty Crocker Cake Mixes end up $0.90/each when you buy a case of 12. You CAN mix and match flavors.
  • Kroger Boxed Macaroni & Cheese end up 3/$1.00 when you buy a case of 48
  • Maruchan Ramen Noodles end up 8/$1.00 when you buy a case of 24
  • Kroger Value Granulated Sugar 4lb bags end up $1.89 each when you buy a case of 10
  • Hunts Pasta Sauce ends up just $0.69 each when you buy a case of 12
  • Duncan Hines Regular Brownie Mix ends up $0.90 each when you guys a case of 12
  • Kroger Chicken Noodle Soup 10.5oz cans end up 2/$1.00 when you buy a case of 24
  • Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix ends up $0.33 each when you buy a case of 24

Get the point? Take a look at your local smiths Ad here to see what else they are offering in their case lot sale and take this opportunity to build your food storage by at least one or two cases of something. But don't forget to make sure you have a fresh value REWARDS card first so that your purchases go towards your rewards certificate. :)

(*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any misprints by the grocery store chains OR by me. Check your mailers to confirm prices, or go online here for Smiths to look at the AD's for yourself.)


Higleys said...

Make sure you check out betty to get some coupons for the cake mixes. I was there the other day and they had alot of good coupons. You do have to register.

R Clan said...

The Hunts Pasta sauce is a killer deal but the Betty Crocker cake mixes you can get for .78 cents this week at Maceys if you live near one here in Utah.