Friday, September 18, 2009


Continuing our discussion on clothes and shoes and where to find the best deals, today I am going to talk about another favorite store of mine:

You don't have to be turned off by the high sticker prices at Kohls, you just have to know when to shop! Kohls is known for weekend sales, early bird specials and night owl specials. I have picked up shoes here on multiple occasions when they have said specials. For example, you might get 50-60% off on the weekly sale, but then they add an additional percent off if you shop during the special hours. (Kohls usually does this almost every weekend for a couple of months before Christmas!)

Kohls also quite frequently lets you earn Kohls Cash. (Example: If you spend $50, you earn $10 off a future purchase.) Additionally, they have times when they give you extra percents off just for using your Kohls card. (Just make sure you pay it off immediately so you don't spend more in interest than you save in percent!)
The best way to find out about Kohls sales is to sign up for their email alerts. Another perk to doing that is that they will send you a $5 coupon in your email for your next purchase. (Hopefully you signed up for them back in May when I first posted about it, otherwise just click here to sign up now.) Your coupon will arrive in a few days. :)


Thomas Family said...

They had these promotions going this weekend and so really good sales. I got 2 new swimsuits for $8.80 each.

My first rule for Kohl's is to NEVER buy anything at full price because they have so many sales and deals.

I didn't sign up for their charge card, but I heard they also send you really good coupons if you do. What do you know about that?

Susie said...

My best ever Kohl's purchase was a Columbia winter jacket in a men's small that I got for my 14 year old for about $30 on clearance in March... it was originally $160.00! I love Kohl's!

*~Petra~* said...

I don't have a Kohls charge either, but from what I understand they have extra percent off coupons that they send to their charge card holders several times a year... I want to say 12 times, but don't quote me on that! ;)