Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At Your Service...

Recently I wrote the post "Curious Minds Want To Know" where I asked you to let me know what kind of information you were looking for when it came to saving money. One reader asked:

"...Do you have any suggestions on where to get stuff for good prices when it comes to clothes & shoes (besides Park City outlets!) I'm afraid our clothes budget is going to be sky rocketing in the near future and any $ I can save would be helpful! :)"

I myself have kids that can be finicky about what clothes and shoes they are wearing. My (almost) 13 year old son thinks he can't wear any t-shirts that aren't Quicksilver, DC Shoes, Hurley, Fox, or one of the other "skater brands". Problem with that is that I am not willing to pay $25 for a t-shirt from the retail stores. So what is my solution? Well one of them is:

I can't tell you how much I love this store. It has all the brands of t-shirts my son loves, but I only pay $7.99-$9.99 for them there. I also am usually able to find a brand of tennis shoes he is happy with (Vans or DC Shoes) for $20-$25 instead of the $50-$75 ones in the retail stores, not to mention very reasonably priced jeans, sweatshirts and shorts!

I also get great clothes for my 15 year old there... dresses, shirts, cute sweaters, pajamas, shoes... you name it. Designer ties, pants and shirts for my hubby, great kitchen ware, picture frames and house decor... all for a fraction of what I would pay at say, Kohls! They also have a kids clothes dept where I have been known to pick up baby shower gifts at good prices. (Just stay away from the small toys dept... it is crappy and usually a GIANT MESS!)

The thing with Ross is that they have name brand stuff for the kids for a fraction of the price. However, it goes without saying that there are a few drawbacks to shopping here. First, they have what they have. You basically go to your size and pick from what they have in. One week they may have Nike's, the next week Reebok's, the next Sketchers. If you see something you like, get it because it probably won't be there the next week. Also, if they don't have something in your size, just move on. They probably won't get it in.

Second, you may find yourself having to sift/rummage through racks to find what you need/want. They also have some really crappy stuff, just as every store does. Also, some Ross' are more organized than others... you need to try different stores to find which ones you like.

Third, with bargain shopping can come bargain customer service. Depending on when you go, you may find yourself rolling your eyes at unhelpful employees and the lines can be a bit long to check out. However if you are willing to sacrifice these things to save some money, take a trip over and have a look.

There are MANY Ross' in Utah. Some are better than others. Our family has been known to drive all the way to Provo to shop before school starts at the end of summer because they always have a really good, big selection of things. I also like the American Fork store. If I have to stay in my area, the District isn't bad and neither is Draper... however, I am not particularly partial to the one in Taylorsville.

Finally, many people think Ross and TJ Maxx are the same thing. I beg to differ. I much prefer Ross and find a lot more there than I usually do at TJ Maxx... although with letting this little secret out of the bag, I may find less in the future! :)
Hope this helps.


The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Thanks Petra! I actually do go to Ross, but never thought of getting stuff for the kids there -it's always been for me! (See, taking the cheap road for the mom when she finally admits she needs new clothes!) But I usually end up at the one in T-ville, so I'm going to have to try the others you suggested. Thanks so much for your help! :)

R Clan said...

You seriously need to drag me out there. I always forget to go check there. Thanks for the reminder....again!