Friday, March 6, 2009

Turn that channel...

Oh the dreaded infomercial! Who doesn't want that fabulous video that will help you to lose 100 pounds in a week or the make-up that makes you look 30 years younger in just two days. How about the blender that makes all your meals for you in 20 seconds or the art set that lets your kids draw like they have a college degree?

Lets face it. Most of the infomercial products out there are just not what they make themselves out to be, but watch the commercial for half an hour and you may just find yourself talked into purchasing one.

There are two additional immediate problems with infomercial products. First, they are usually way over priced for what they are, and second, the shipping and handling can be as much as the product price itself.

If you are an infomercial junkie, (or even an avid QVC shopper), switch the channel or turn off the TV immediately. You can save yourself from impulse buys that can cost you hundreds of dollars a year! :)

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