Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food Storage...

We had ward conference this past week and our Stake President talked about food storage. How many times do we have to hear this counsel before we take heed and start buying some extra food to have on hand? When we moved here to Utah about a year and a half ago our family gave away all of our food storage. We have not as yet built up our food storage here to even a portion of what we had there.

Personally, I was deeply motivated by his words and have decided to put this on my priority list. Do you have your food storage started? If not, take the advice Pres. Allan, who was a counselor to President Murphy last year... Set up a shelf somewhere in the basement and put one can on it. Voila! You have now started your food storage. Now get going and add to it. :)

One quick and easy way to get your food storage going is to buy extra when you find a *HOAD. Each week retailers have a couple of items that they reduce drastically to get you in to their stores. These are excellent items to begin stocking up on for food storage. When purchased with coupons, the items can cost next to nothing. Examples may include jars of pasta sauce, cans of fruit, granola bars, cereal... you name it. The sales vary from week to week and if you pay attention and plan ahead a little, you can have a selection of food sitting on your shelf in no time at all.

Don't think you have enough money to stock up on a few items? Use the money saved from cutting coupons (even if it is only $5) to purchase a few extra items each week.

Another event that happens in Utah around General Conference time is the "case lot sales". At this time when you buy one of their specially advertised cases, you get a discount because you bought in bulk! Aim to pick up at least one case of something this Conference, (the first week of April), and you can be well on your way to getting your food storage started. :)

*HOAD = Heck of a deal.

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R Clan said...

Gotta love the case lot sales. Corey is trying to convince me that the Shasta on sale at Maceys for 5 for $10 is a must food storage. lol. :)