Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More seasonal shopping... January!

In my e-newsletter today from the Grocery Guru , it said to look out for electronics to drop in price during the month of January... especially flat screen T.V.'s. The reason? The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is this month. There they will introduce the new products for 2009, meaning that stores will want to clear the shelves of the old models. Old model, schmodel! If it's cheaper, I will take it!!!

Another thing I have noticed big sales on so far this month is exercise equipment. (I suppose the fact that it is the month we make our New Years Resolutions might have something to do with that), but keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what bargains you might find!

Finally, I have noticed that household items like storage containers, toilet paper, paper towels and cleaners have been prominent in the ads this week. Remember, if you find a HOAD (Heck of a deal), STOCK UP!!!


Higleys said...

Petra, Here is a link from my friend. I'm not sure how national some of these deals may be but they seem like they might work for you too. http://www.amyinorlando.blogspot.com/

R Clan said...

I like your HOAD statement. That is pretty clever.