Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby wipes...

Baby wipes are probably one of my favorite products out there. They are cheap, hypoallergenic, very gentle, but can clean up all kind of messes.

Here are some of my favorite uses for them:

  • Make-up remover. Make up remover wipes can be twice as expensive for only half as many... these work wonders to remove most of the make up from my face before i wash it

  • Remove deodorant stains. You know when you pull that black shirt over your head and you get deodorant on the outside of the shirt? A swipe of a baby wipe will take it off!

  • Shining your shoes. Takes many scuffs and stains off easily!

  • Cleaning up dropped food off your shirt. Keep a couple of these in your purse in a baggie and you will be set

  • Wiping down walls. You can remove light stains in a jiff!

  • Cleaning dirty hands. Just keep a box in your car for emergencies... they also clean the upholstery, windows and surfaces in a pinch.

  • Quick bathroom wipe down when company shows up unexpectedly

  • Cleaning up fresh stains off your carpet

  • Cleaning off rubber stamps if you scrapbook

  • Wiping over the kitchen floor in sticky spots.


The Wilkins Family said...

Might I add too of my favs that you have probably forgot about. (I hope I will too in future years.) Baby snot and spit up off of your freshly cleaned shirt.

Josie said...

You should try to make homemade ones- they are so super easy! All you need is a roll of paper towels, some water, baby oil, baby lotion and baby soap. Heat the water to boiling, add a squirt of all the other stuff and stir with a wisk. Cut the paper towels in half down the roll, or unfold them and stack them in a baby wipe container!

Higleys said...

I also let the nursery kids use it to clean the table and it cleans their hands at the same time without the chemicals of other cleaning wipes. I love baby wipes.Good topic

Melissa said...

They even take CRAYON off of tables! My daughter decided to use her art skills on our nice wood kitchen table and all it took was one Huggies wipe and not that much elbow grease and it came right off.

Yes, baby wipes are AMAZING. My kids are both too old for wipes now and we still by them because they clean so many things.

The Royal Family said...

I love baby wipes! I use them for everything!! one of my fav. is the toilet cleaning no more wash rags touching the toilet! YEAH!!!
HERE is my frugal blog.

See you soon,

Kelly said...

I use baby wipes for cleaning my car. They are way cheaper then the Armorall cleaning wipes and work like a dream on any sticky stuff in the car. Keep them in your car for a quick wipe down when sitting at red lights or waiting for the kids. For a shine I will follow up with a quick wipe of the armorall polish.

Michelle said...

Great list! They can also safely spot clean a wedding dress between the wedding and the reception. Believe me, I used them!