Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coupon Giveaway...

UPDATE: I have added more Gerber coupons, diaper coupons, cookie dough and some others :)

So I have no idea if there will be ANY interest in this at all... but for some reason Gerber keeps sending me baby coupons and well, I don't have any babies!!! (Or at least, my babies are 12 & 15 and definitely not in need of anything Gerber!) So I have been tossing them in the garbage every time they come in the mail.

However, just recently it occurred to me that, hey! Someone else MIGHT want them. So I went through my coupons and found a variety of items for kids and their moms that I had pretty dang good coupons for! None of the coupons expire before January 31st, and most of them are much later than that. The coupon pack will include at least the following:
  • $12 in coupons for various Gerber and Gerber Graduate products
  • $18 in coupons for various kids medicines
  • A $5 coupon good off of two bottles of Pedialyte
  • $19 in vitamin coupons. (Six of these are $3 off one package, so on sale they will probably be free... and I included adult ones because if you have little kids, you need vitamins too! ;))
  • $2 in Johnson's baby product coupons
  • $4 in coupons for BOOST Kid essentials nutritionally complete drink multi pack. (For those picky eaters you can at least make sure they are getting some nutrition!)
  • Family of 4 coupons for Cold Stone (2 love it sizes and 2 kids sizes for $9). I included two coupons in case you have more than 2 kids... a fun family treat!
  • Two $5 coupons for Village Inn (In case you need a cheap date night.)
  • $5 in toothbrush coupons
  • $7.50 in Lysol coupons (You KNOW you need them!)
  • Six $1 coupons off boxed chocolates just in time for Valentines day!
  • $1.85 in cookie dough coupons. Just because you deserve it.

That right there is over $80 worth of coupons! The fun part is I am gonna give you a week to leave a comment, and I will add whatever I find between now and then... and who knows... maybe I will add a surprise or two!

So leave me a hello and I will use a random number generator on Friday the 16th of January to pick a winner. I will then contact you and mail them out to you immediately... or if you are the only one who comments, YOU will just get it... or if no-one comments, then I will try and pass it off to some cute mom I meet at the store... and cry... because no-one reads my blog. Just kidding! ;) I won't cry... in front of anyone. ;)

And if there is any interest in this, maybe I will do it more often, because I think it will be kind of fun. I do like to give things away!


The Wilkins Family said...

I have to say that those Gerber Graduate coupons look very appealing. I was trolling the internet trying to find some last week. I'm going to be checking out this blog more often because my New Year's resolution is to start shopping smarter and I need some major direction! Hopefully (for me), I will be the only one to comment. Just in case I'm not, my birthday is Sunday, my husband is a way, and I'm all alone with two crazy boys in a strange land :0) Don't you think I deserve some low price toddler treats?

Melonie said...

How fun! Please enter me too. I wish I could do coupon giveaways but over here what I get is the expired ones (can use them in the commissary for 6 months past, luckily). But I can't do anybody any good back in the States with my coupons. *sniffle*

Mrs. Wilkins has piqued my curiosity though - so not only are at LEAST two people reading YOUR blog (see, no crying necessary!), one person is gonna go read the other person's blog too. See how helpful you are??? :-P

Higleys said...

Count me in. Since we will have a new one here soon that will make 3 under 4. Kids coupons are always good. The best part is my warehouse club (BJs) takes coupons. Hope you are having as much fun with this site as I am.

Laura said...

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

~mysocalledlife92~ said...

Oooh. Count me in please. Thank you!

Irene and Steve Moyer said...

Who doesn't want coupons?! This is such a great blog, Petra!

Helen said...

As mother to two daughters who may have need of your coupons, count me in. I'd like the Coldstone myself, but maybe they are valid in the great state of MD?

Claudia said...

Sounds good to me too. Thanks for this great blog. I enjoy reading it and getting ideas on improving how we spend our budget.

Alain Breillatt said...

Teach me to be husband would love you! Please enter us!

The Royal Family said...

DON'T THROW THEM AWAY :( sniff sniff