Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Who needs to buy cookbooks when there are lots of great free recipe sites out there. Today I am spotlighting www.kraftfoods.com.

If you have never visited this website, you should! Signing up for an account here is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! With your free account you can opt into their email newsletters which I always love, but you can also check a box to get a FREE magazine that comes through snail mail about five times a year. This is honestly one of my favorite magazines! I have found some of the fastest, yummiest, really awesome recipes and ideas in it, none of which are complicated or overly expensive. Obviously the recipes spotlight Kraft products, but you can substitute whatever brand is cheapest no problem. If you click on "food and family archive" you can look at previous magazines and see for yourself what a little treasure this is. Though the recipes and magazines are all available online, it is nice to have the hard copy come to your home for excellent bathroom or car reading. :)

Another reason you want to sign up for this website is that it creates a recipe box for you so you can save recipes that you come across that you want to try. (It's always hard to try and find them later!)

Don't forget to click on the "Dinner" tab while you are there. Here you will find a link to "Budget recipes" as well as "Meals in Minutes". Additionally, there is a neat little feature where you can type up to three ingredients that you have on hand and it will find you a recipe.

All in all, it is a well put together website. I highly you recommend you check it out!

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