Friday, February 12, 2010

Free $10 Gift Card to Emergency Essentials...

Preparedness Pantry Blog

Have you ever been to Emergency Essentials in South Jordan? They have some neat Food Storage items and even have pretty good sales!

Right now, if you visit the Preparedness Pantry Blog and look in the far left column, you will get directions how to quickly earn a $10 gift card just for posting their button, (your choice of two), on your blog. That's right, EVERYONE who does it gets the gift card, so follow their instructions found HERE and get your free gift card in just a few weeks.

Want to win ANOTHER $10 gift card? Try out their free food storage analyzer and post a review on your blog. They will send you a second gift card! :) Click HERE for details.

(While you are at it, why not post my new & improved button (see far right column) and send your friends to visit me?)

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