Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Danger Week!

So this is it... we are counting down the last days before Christmas. Did you know this can be the most dangerous week as far as your budget is concerned? Lots of things can tempt you in to spending extra money this week. There are super bargains out there that don't take a lot of looking for to be found... it can be tempting to purchase extra gifts for people on your list because they are so cheap. It can also be tempting to purchase more gifts for your kids because you suddenly feel like you don't have enough for them. You also start thinking of other people you could buy for... (no need to spend money more money, just bake them some banana bread or a plate of cookies. They will appreciate the thought.)

These feelings can wreck havoc on your wallet. When you start to feel this way, take a deep breath, and step away from the store! You have had this planned for 5 weeks now. You will not be paying off credit debt in the new year. You will not have a drained bank account because you have been smart. Find some cheap or free activities to do with the family to take your mind off of shopping and get in to the true spirit of the season. Bake, be festive, and have a very Merry Christmas. :)

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Jamie said...

Thanks for this TRUE reminder!!!!