Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Free Google Picasa image editing software...

I am often surprised by people who tell me they have never heard of Picasa. Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that is simple and easy to use. Ever wondered how your friends get those wonderful collages of pictures in their blogs. Ever wonder how their pictures look professional with glow lighting, soft focus, or color tinting? Have you wondered why they seem to get the perfect shot with perfect color, no red eye and cropped just perfectly? Are they super ultra talented photographers? Maybe... some are! But most probably just use photo imaging software... and many have the free Picasa.

Peaked your interest? Check out this 5 minute video introduction which shows you just how easy this editing software is and then click here to download the free software to your pc.

One thing that makes this software perfect for beginners is that picasa never changes your original pics. It protects your original files so you don't do something you regret.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to some other photo editing options that are available for free or cheap and tell you where and how you can get a HOAD ($40 off) on the famous Photoshop Elements 7 software. I will also point you to some cool online classes, so be sure to come back! :)


R Clan said...

I love Picasa.

hdknowles said...

Now you've given me another reason to spend more time on the computer. I guess I should start sorting pictures from Stephanie's wedding (December 2008). Thanks for the link.