Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doubling Coupons...

In response to a question in one of the comment sections, I decided to post some information about doubling coupons:

There are some stores in the United States that double coupons up to a certain amount. (Usually 50 cents or so.) What this means is when it is scanned at the register they will automatically double it so a 50 cents off coupon becomes $1 off. Obviously this is fabulous since if you find the item on sale, you can often end up taking the item home free or even better, they PAY YOU to take it! When I lived in Maryland it was common practice at Giant & Safeway that they would double any coupons 50 cents or under. Superfresh doubled coupons up to $1.

I moved to Utah just under 2 years ago, and have not yet found any store in my area that doubles coupons here (other than the occasional double coupon coupons they put in the ads where they will double up a couple of coupons for y0u just for that week). In fact, on a website that I found that lists stores that double by state, Utah was an unlisted state. I think it may have to do with the fact that food is in general much cheaper here, but I can't be sure.

However, I encourage you to check this website for your state to see if there is anyone that will do it near you: http://couponing.about.com/od/groceryzone/a/doublecoupons.htm

If anyone has additional information about coupon doubling in Utah or anywhere else in the US, please feel free to add a comment below! Thanks :)

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Higleys said...

Check K-mart, we are having a double coupons upto $2.They aren't a great grocery store but I've gotten good deals on cereal an lotions