Friday, February 27, 2009

Switch to water...

Do you know how much money your family is spending on drinks? Do your kids consume a lot of juice? Do your teens and their friends chug down soda? Maybe you have a daily trip to Jamba Juice or Starbucks? How many times do you hit the soda vending machine at work?

The fact is that any of these things can be very expensive habits. The simple solution? Switch to water. Water is free! And even if you switch to bottled water, you can get 32 bottles at Sams for under $5, which is about how much you spend on one Jamba or Starbucks trip.

Think you can't drink water? Make sure to try it both room temperature and icy cold to see if you have a preference. I don't care for room temperature water, but give me an icy cold water over other beverages any day! I LOVE it. (My husband on the other hand likes it warmer.)

Other options include buying the generic equivalent of Crystal Light at Walmart. When the kids have friends over you can make gallons of it for under $2, and it is much healthier than the soda or juice you might now serve which can contain huge amounts of sugar and empty calories.

Don't forget to keep water in your drawer at the office and in the trunk of your car to avoid last minute soda purchases. You will be super surprised at how much you can save by making this small change. :)


The Wilkins Family said...

Hey Petra,

I know you don't get a ton of comments on here, but I always read it and appreciate your tips.

R Clan said...

I aboslutely LOVE Ice cold water in the winter time especially. Call me weird but I crave it then. I love it in the summer but who would want an icey cold drink in the winter time? ME :)