Friday, May 1, 2009

The library...

With summer fast approaching, frugal families will be looking for fun, free activities to do. One of our families favorite things to do is to go to the local library. Here you are sure to find books that EVERY member of the family will enjoy. Not only can you find novels and children's story books, but you can find books on famous people, piano books, cook books, sewing books, photography books, computer software books, or books that teach you about your favorite hobbies. Many of the books will lead you right in to activities that are related to what you read.

For example, maybe you will bake cookies with the kids from a recipe you found. Maybe you will practice taking photographs with a new technique you read about. Perhaps you will finally learn how to use that photoshop software your husband bought you for your birthday!

The truth is that reading makes us smarter in so many ways, but borrowing books from the library makes all that knowledge and fun completely FREE!

Additional things you can do at the library include borrowing DVDs, listening to music CDs, reading newspapers and magazines, or signing up for a variety of free programs. (Check your local library for details on what they have available.) You can also use computers at the library if you don't have internet access available at home.

So go out and get your library card today... just be sure to keep track of when things are due back so you aren't stuck with the late fees! :)

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