Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Grocery Guru...

If you don't know who The Grocery Guru is, then you either don't live in Utah, or you don't like to save money... this guy is seriously awesome! He has my dream job... he takes about 100 people shopping each week (in groups of 4-6) and shows them how they can cut their grocery bill by at least 50% by shopping the sales combined with coupons. (Now bear in mind here, that the primary purpose here is to save money, not to eat super-healthy, so you are not going to be buying a whole lot of fresh fruit and veggies on your trip with him, but you CAN build up your food store a bit.)

Last summer I went shopping with Ken! (No his given name is not really "The Grocery Guru", shocking isn't it?) All you have to do is call him on a Friday afternoon and leave him a message letting him know what area you live in and he will call you back on Monday letting you know when and where he will be in your area that week. You don't have to bring a thing... (he cuts all the coupons out for you)... all you have to do is show up, fill your basket with the things he tells you to, (leaving out anything you don't want or wouldn't use), and pay for it all at the end.

I got over $140 dollars worth of groceries and by the end of it all, it cost me about $38 plus tax. (That is at least 72% savings off of the shelf prices.) Note that the boxes that are raised are on MORE boxes of food at the back in this picture.

That price did include ten dollars worth of boneless, skinless chicken breast which I usually stock up on and get a bit cheaper when Smith's has their frozen bags on half price. It also included 8, yes I said 8 boxes of Fiber One bars, which are not my favorite thing to buy, (if you lived with my two boys, you would feel the same way), but all in all, it was a most excellent adventure which I highly recommend anyone living in the state of Utah sign up to do!

(If YOU want to shop with The Grocery Guru, or just find out more about his program, click here !)

*I apologize to anyone who read this post on my personal blog, I just thought it was a good thing to post on this blog too :)

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Tammy said...

I thought I knew all the "tricks", cutting my grocery bill for a family of 7 down to 150 a week (including household supplies), I am not easily impressed with "deals" people get, but even *I* have to say that this one is very impressive! (maybe food prices are cheaper in Utah???)One of my trick to save money is buying generic, but oh my gosh I would buy name brand if I could pay what you do!! Does Mr. Guru take trips to Maryland?!