Saturday, December 27, 2008

Open Enrollment...

Once a year you get the opportunity to evaluate your benefit options offered through you or your spouses employment and make any changes. It is called open-enrollment and it usually occurs at the end of each calendar year.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to look over your benefits as well as your spouses and review the options. Perhaps they added new health insurance plans... perhaps his monthly premiums went down while yours went up and it is more cost effective to switch to his plan... perhaps deductibles have changed or out of pocket limits. This is your one chance during the year to make changes without losing any benefits!

Other things to review are your 401k, your flexible spending accounts, life insurance options, dental and vision benefits. Be sure to attend any meetings your company offers that explains your benefits in detail and read every brochure they hand out so you are armed with the latest information. Don't hesitate to talk with your human resource department if you have questions. Looking over all the benefit selections you have for the year and comparing pricing can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings in the long run. :)

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